A Dozen Good Reasons to Trade Online

The Internet is by far the cheapest way for an entrepreneur to launch a business. There’s no expensive high street presence to fund, no need to buy stock for display, no one to employ in the hope that clients will turn up and you can be open for business within days

It’s Cheap

An online business will always be cheaper to set up than its bricks and mortar equivalent.

No High Street Rents

When you trade online there’s no need to be on the high street, you can always be at an out of town trading estate or even your garage or front-room

No stockholding

It you organise it with your suppliers you can pass your orders direct to them so that your…

Order Fulfilment…

can cost you nothing. In any case, How to Make Money Online if you do carry stock yourself it is strictly for selling – no need to have any on display – and your order fulfilment costs can be minimised.

No printing, no posting

Your site is your advertising, so no printing, no labelling no posting. Set up an email register of customers and send them an update as and when you feel the need – it will cost you nothing to do so.

Reduced Staffing

You don’t need showroom staff standing around between customers, or queues of customers when all your staff is busy.

It’s Quick

You eBusiness can be up and running before you’ve even checked out available properties for your bricks and mortar business.

Open for Business 24 hours a Day

The Internet is the ever-open door. Your eBusiness is open and you and your staff are sound asleep in your beds.

Global Reach

In all countries, in all time-zones and in as many languages you can think of.

Catalogue is always Current

If an item goes out of stock, if a service is unavailable, if new stock comes in, your website can be updated in minutes.

Get your message out instantly

No planning rules

No zoning problems, no problem when they take the road up or divert the traffic, who cares if they charge for parking, you’re safely on the digital highway.

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