Tips For Busy Families On How To Organize Your Car

It’s that time of the year again when the family calendar starts to fill up with activities, field trips, school, work, and sports events. Parents spend more time in the family car as they chauffeur their children from location to location to meet the strenuous demands of each family members schedule. The car will become somewhat of a second home for some folks, and although this is not the ideal situation for any parent, it happens. It doesn’t have to be a negative aspect of your daily routine though. With a little planning, you can literally transform your car into a wonderful learning environment for you and your children.

I am originally from Southern California where it is common to drive for one or two hours one way, just to get somewhere. I never thought twice about it and sat patiently in traffic on the 405 day dreaming the hours away. Then I moved to Denver where everything is within a 10 mile radius of our house. What I found is that I am now able to pack in even more activities for each kid into our already busy schedule, arctic zone trunk organizer and cooler which puts me right back into the car for a few hours each day.

As we drive from piano lessons, to dance lessons, to field trips, the library, and all the other places on our busy schedule during the school year, I have created a comfortable, organized environment within our family vehicle to continue with our ongoing learning, and overall productivity. We take advantage of several car organizer products to help keep everyone’s items orderly. We don’t spend money on fast foods but instead carry insulated food storage containers for meals, snacks and drinks. I have my own personal front seat office where I can manage my home based business, bills, lists and schedules along with any personal interests and hobbies.

My kids all have their own back seat kids car organizers where they can keep all their school activities, writing utensils, books, sports gear, and other items organized. We also have some extra car organizer items that we use regularly including our trunk organizer, car litter bag, and media entertainment organizer. There are so many car organizers to choose from, and we have selected the ones that work well for our family.

While one child is attending their piano lesson, the rest of us make use of the waiting time by educating ourselves in the car with audio books, flash cards, books, and school assignments. We are always looking for ways to make the most of every minute of the day. Spending hours in our vehicle used to be a waste of time until we transformed our car into a comfortable, educational environment for each family member. We have been travel schooling for a few years now, and it shows on the kids tests scores. The kids even have their own car desks and get a lot of work done during travel time in our car. Getting into our family vehicle is a lot like walking into the library study hall where learning is simply going to take place. It is no longer a waste of time, gas, or energy but a valuable time for the whole family.

If you find yourself daydreaming in your car while you are stuck in traffic, you might want to check out some ideas on how to transform your vehicle into your office, library, or personal study space where learning and educational entertainment take place. Whether you are driving across town, or taking a long road trip, your family can only benefit from having an organized, educational environment setup right in your own car.

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