Types of Electric Tea Kettles

Boiling water for drinking purposes or for preparing beverages is one of an unavoidable practices in almost every household. With an appropriate and suitable kitchen appliance, one can easily save both time, as well as energy, almost everyday. For example electric tea kettles boil water much quicker as compared to stove top kettles and microwaves. Also, electric tea kettles help in saving power by switching off automatically, once the water has reached its boiling point.

Electric kettles are generally available in corded versions as well as cordless versions.

• Corded versions of electric tea kettles: These versions are comparatively old-fashioned and have electric cord attached to them, just like any other similar gadget. Best copper tea kettle These versions are far less user-friendly compared to cordless ones.

• Cordless versions of electric kettles: These versions do not have cords or batteries. Their base has a unique power elements which are connected to the main electric supply. Once the water is boiled, the kettle should be detached from its base. As the base and the kettle settle perfectly, there are no such problems related to reconnecting the two parts. These versions are easily manageable and are more user-friendly.

It is essential to note that both the version boil water only. Once the water has been boiled, it is essential to store it in a vacuum flask, or else the water will no longer remain hot. This prevents boiling water again and again throughout the day. Both the corded as well as cordless kettles have the ability to boil water up to four liters. Boiling a full tea kettle could take around five to ten minutes and consume around one thousand watts to around fifteen hundred watts. Both the versions feature a power switch.

Purchasing electric kettles is no more a daunting task. You can now make use of internet technology to browse through numerous models, styles and designs of electric kettles and even place order for the one that you prefer.

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